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monitoring software free

Klíčová slova: Software, monitor, activity, external, person, sys

E-mail: belva@digitalpccare.com

Datum vloľení do katalogu: 7. prosince 2012

Popis: Monitoring system software captures screens shots of all accessed applications on pc while remain hidden in computer programs .System monitoring tool System monitoring tracks other user’s activities on your system easily and remains undetectable from their view. Monitor internet application traces children’s computer activities at home and informs parents by sending email. Monitoring software utility captures your kid’s online chats with other users on different social networking sites on pc.

Web: www.digitalpccare.com

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Activity, monitoring, tool, spy, software, track – Advance computer keylogger software traces user typed characters, special symbols, visited websites, login details, user name, passwords, internet actions, chat session and other important activities

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